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"The need to serve purpose became greater than the need to serve self." -Efosa Eluma

The FOAD initiative is on a mission to feed one a day (mind, body and soul). It is dedicated to being part of the solution for poverty reduction. We believe that a decent standard of living is a basic human right.

By partnering with passionate individuals, local organizations and global organizations, we're on a mission to feed one person a day.  

Guyi Settlement FOAD Project

Location: Kuje, Abuja

Date: May 29, 2017


“Boko Haram violence has led to one of the most acute—and sorely neglected—humanitarian crises in the world. As more areas of northeastern Nigeria become accessible, the scale of the human tragedy is becoming apparent.
As of March 2017, almost 2 million people are displaced in northeastern Nigeria. Of these, more than 1 million are children. In pockets of northeastern Nigeria, food insecurity has reached extreme levels, and the number of people in need of food assistance could increase to 5.3 million by June 2017.Unless life-saving assistance is provided fast, hunger will only deepen. Some 450,000 children with severe acute malnutrition in northeastern Nigeria require life-saving treatment this year. Without such treatment, some 70,000 are likely to lose their lives.” World Food Program (WFP)


1.9 MILLION internally displaced people
4.6 million food-insecure people
450,000 severely malnourished children

•    Guyi Settlement located in Kuje, Abuja is made up IDP's (Internal Displaced People).
Their living conditions are poor with shacks made up out of wood, scrap zinc roofing materials      and other materials. In each of these shacks there are on average 6-8 people living in there. The people in the settlement go around looking for odd jobs such as; clearing grass, emptying garbage bags, washing clothes, construction site jobs and even begging just to survive for the day. Most of the IDP’s survive on less than a thousand naira (N1000) per day

•    FOAD will provide food for over 160 people at the Guyi Settlement, in Abuja Nigeria to help            reduce hunger.

•    Through contributions from individuals, our partners and private companies; we will make a difference in the life one person per day.
•    It’s the humane thing to do!

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