THE BUSANGA BUSH CAMP - To explore the splendor of the Zambian Wilderness is akin to exploring a piece of heaven on earth. This vast land full of unbelievably exotic wildlife will be sure to leave you beautifully stunned and amazed at the sheer amount of wonder it will inspire in you. The Zambian wilderness is so vast that when a national park was formed to protect the wildlife that roams the area, it amounted to 2.25 million hectares of land. Unsurprisingly, the Kafue National Park is one of the largest in Africa. Blessed with land as far as the eye can see and two beautiful rivers; Lufupa and Lunga Rivers, it is no surprise why there is vast variety of wildlife roaming the land.

The Kafue National Park is wild and beautiful. Despite its incredible size and remoteness, it can be easily accessed from both Lusaka and Livingstone. Which means you can put Victoria Falls in your itinerary before or after you visit the park.

However, it’s not just sightseeing and safaris you get to partake in while visiting this beautiful place, but you can also camp for days and nights right there, in the middle of the wild, wild wilderness! Kafue National Park has two major camps; The Busanga Bush Camp and The Shumba Bush camp, which strive to offer you nothing but the best experience you could ever get from visiting the Zambian Wilderness; they offer a safari with a difference.


Located within a gathering of sycamore trees, which also provide a sort of canopy cover for the tents, the Busanga Bush Camp is a beauty to behold. Peeking from within the trees, the tents of the camp beckon you as you get a first sight of them from the distance. Every tent provides an unrestricted view of the plains and the animals that roam them. From your bed, you could wake up to see a pride of Lions, casually strolling by! The dinner area is a beauty to behold, with a one of a kind Lantern chandelier, to give the subtlest and romantic atmosphere possible. Food is always served outdoors!

A typical morning in the camp starts with a beautiful, mystical mist rising off the earth and slowly revealing whatever herd, pack or group of animals that decided to graze or relax close to the camp that morning. The sunrise is beautiful, and the wildlife don’t wait for you to tell them to go about their day.

The wildlife available ranges from gentle herbivores to cold blooded carnivores. The cheetahs, roan antelopes, wildebeests, buffalo, zebras, hippos and many exotic birds for the birdwatcher.  Strange animals you might have never guessed existed! The Lechwe for instance, or the Serval Cat, the Puku or the Wild Dog! But the main predators, the animal that roams and walks with regal beauty is of course, the Lion. He is truly King in this amazing wilderness!

Visit the Kafue National Park, and spend nights and days in the Busanga Bush Camp and experience nature at her wildest!

Photo Credits:Wilderness Safaris