This rock restaurant, carved by mother nature’s loving hands must be one of her most beautiful masterpieces. A rock, a few trees, a handmade wooden staircase, a whitewashed hut with a thatched roof and wooden railings: with a handmade signboard- The Rock. This restaurant is the epitome of simplistic beauty. Located on The island of Zanzibar, which is in itself beautiful and picturesque; there are white sands, blues waters, natives of the area standing knee and ankle deep in the water either fishing, or just having fun under the warm tropical sun. Imagine yourself surrounded by the blue waters with a view of beautiful, calming endless blue waters, eating a warm plate of Squid and Queen Prawns marinated in coconut and cooked in a frying pan with basmati white rice served with fried chips and salad, with a mug of Tangawizi (which is ginger soda).

This and more is what the Rock Restaurant offers to the curious and adventurous travelers who stumble into her humble, but beautiful and deeply relaxing Island. The journey to the restaurant is an adventure filled with inspiring sights that will leave an unforgettable imprint on your mind.

The menu at The Rock will leave you in awe. The in-house chef will amaze your taste buds with freshly made dishes; From the Grilled Lobster Vegetables cooked in curry sauce served with basmati rice, to the Home Made Potato Gnocchi served with crispy prawns spiced with Zanzibar’s vanilla and to the Fish Carpaccio served with passion fruit creamy sauce, lime, extra virgin olive oil, which could be washed down with the gentle tastes of an exquisite choice of Sauvignon Blancs’ and Chardonnays, Rose Blanc de Noir, Dubois Brut, Pinotage, Merlot, coffee, tea, and local sweet beers, you are sure to have a lasting taste of the rich spices of Zanzibar on your palette for a very long time. You could click HERE to view the full menu available at The Rock Restaurant.

You could sit on the balcony, with a glass of wine and a cigar while watching the sunset, totally at rest, completely at peace.

The Rock Restaurant isn’t just about great food and wine, but it’s about bringing you the peace of mind and sense of well-being you cannot get anywhere else but in Africa. No gadgets, no obvious signs of extreme modernity… just the friendly, always smiling faces of the inhabitants of the lovely island of Zanzibar, amazing food, great wine, a beautiful rock and the calming sights and sounds of the ocean. The Rock Restaurant is a must on your travel bucket list. Enjoy!

Photo Credits:The Rock Restaurant Zanzibar