Who is Afroria: It's a brand that is passionate about the Afro lifestyle.

What do we do: We create experiences that illuminates the Afro lifestyle through curated contents and events. 

Why Afroria: There's a certain energy that is released into the atmosphere anytime you experience the Afro lifestyle; it's a sense of enlightenment and oneness.

At any given time we're all on a journey, we're here to give to life that which is our being, our true sense of self, our spirit and our essence.

The Afro lifestyle in and out of Africa is vibrant and rich and we want to share her essence with you. 

What is Afroria's Mission: To Inform, to Inspire and to leave you illuminated about the Afro lifestyle. 

The Afroria Initiative:

It all started when...

"The need to serve purpose became greater than the need to serve self." 

Afroria is also dedicated to impacting communities through our FOAD (Feed One A Day) initiative. 

We're on a mission to feed one person a day (mind, body and soul). We believe that feeding the body is essential, however feeding the mind and soul is the foundation for a life of greatness.

Who practices the Afroria lifestyle? Anyone that is interested, curious or passionate about the Afro lifestyle. It's a way of life that originates from Africa or it's influenced by the African culture.

Thank you and welcome to AFRORIA!

Best regards,

Efosa Eluma, Founder