Every morning our eyelashes flutter, opening; giving way to a new day.
There are no new year resolutions, just another second, minute or day to start anew. 
Accepting responsibility that change is an inside job with actions, not just words.

But if you must have a new year resolution, may it begin from deep within your spirit, may it make you bold to hold your head up high and may it make you a better version of who you were yesterday. 
Words are the matchbox, but actions are the match that ignites the words into the change that we seek.

When you do decide to begin this inward journey to change, realize that some people in your life will have to go.
If you're constantly giving spiritually, financially, physically and emotionally with no deposits being made to your life; quietly evaluate their presence in your life.

So do not just make it a New Year Resolution, make it a daily evaluation filled with action.

- Efosa Eluma