I’m not sure what 2015 was for you, for me it was a year of self-actualization. As I look back on 2015 with gratitude, I am also looking forward to 2016 with grace and expectations. I am humbled by each and every one of you, and I want to thank you for your love and support. The growth of AFRORIA humbles us and motivates us to work harder, to raise the bar, and to continue to feature authentic African Lifestyle information. I read every comment; I see your likes and your participation's are greatly appreciated.

2015 end 3

AFRORIA launched in August, 2015 and in that short time our mission has become clearer; to be a beacon of light on African lifestyle in and out of Africa. I practice purposeful living… so you’ll find that our mission going into 2016 will include causes that impact lives.

We aspire to be the platform dedicated to featuring the African lifestyle in and out of Africa. We hope to give you the authentic African lifestyle experience and to show you how to infuse this lifestyle into your everyday life through food, social causes, travel, philosophical ideologies, art, music or other African cultural experiences. We will continue to use this platform to create content that features the African lifestyle in order to impact you our readers who make AFRORIA a success.

As I continue to creatively elevate AFRORIA, I urge you to find a quiet place within your inner self to take an audit of 2015, be grateful for what was, find areas of improvement and roar into 2016.

Thank you,

Efosa G. Eluma, Founder